The End of Capitalism: The Thought of Henryk Grossman — out 27 May

2 min readMay 10, 2022


With capitalism entering its worst ever and possibly final crisis, Henryk Grossman, the neglected 20th century Marxist who explained the inevitability of such a ‘final breakdown’ most convincingly, is more relevant than ever — and must be rehabilitated. The book by Ted Reese — author of Socialism or Extinction, and Humanising Production — is out with Zer0 Books on 27 May, and can be pre-ordered now.

Henryk Grossman is a name most socialists or students of political and social theory — let alone the mass of working people around the world — have probably never heard of. Yet Grossman, a Polish Jew born in 1881, deserves recognition as the most sophisticated defender of Karl Marx’s theory of capitalism’s inevitable collapse.

With capitalism sinking into its deepest ever crisis, Grossman’s neglected work must be revisited and popularised. Is capitalism entering its final breakdown?

The book, by Ted Reese — author of Socialism or Extinction and Humanising Production — is out with Zer0 Books on 27 May, 2022, and can be pre-ordered now.


“Revealing the richness of the Marxist tradition, Reese provides an illuminating introduction into the life and thought of Henryk Grossman, connecting his many insights on the dynamics of capitalism, its contradictions, and its tendency to produce economic crises to present-day developments.”

— Asatar Bair, Associate Professor of Economics, Riverside City College, author of Prison Labor in the US: An Economic Analysis

The End of Capitalism couldn’t be more urgent for socialists. In outlining the looming inevitability of capitalist breakdown, Reese makes a compelling case for Grossman’s work to be considered required reading alongside Marxist giants like Engels, Lenin and Trotsky.”

— Stephen Radecki, The Swoletariat

“Reese navigates what could easily be a series of complicated economic theories with his typical aptitude, making them accessible to amateur economists and laymen alike. He clearly demonstrates the significant value of Grossman’s contribution to Marxist economics. Indeed, Grossman’s writings now seem stunningly prescient.”

— wielisc, The Next Left

The rescuing of Henryk Grossman from obscurity is indispensable for any attempt to understand and overcome the crises confronting us today. Reese has written an inspiring and electrifying book.”

— James Bell, Prolekult

“Reese offers a fresh perspective on an underrated figure in the Marxist canon and shows how much fresher our perspectives could be if we gave Grossman the attention he has wrongly been denied.”

— Kali Koba, Desperate Times




Ted Reese is author of The End of Capitalism: The Thought of Henryk Grossman; and Abundant Material Wealth For All