New book: Abundant Material Wealth For All — Out Now

2 min readApr 10, 2024


Abundant Material Wealth For All: (Draft) Manifesto For The Coming World Socialist Revolution by Ted Reese is out now.

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“A dialectically rigorous, trenchant analysis, characteristic of Reese’s
previous work. Abundant Material Wealth for All is the most
convincing case for a communist mode of production written in
years — a truly invaluable resource.” Michael Acuña,
Common Ruin podcast

“With his characteristic clarity, this volume is a must
read for its analysis alone; it is inescapable for the practical questions
it demands we answer.” GlumBird, Prolekult

“At its heart, Reese’s book tells us that capitalism’s 150-year growth
phase is over, and prosperity now depends on a revolution. A bold
and essential analysis.” Donal O Coisdealbha, MEng Engineering
Cybernetics, factory process control director (Russia)

“I recommend putting it at the top of your reading list. Ted’s insights around additive production in relation to social relations are particularly advanced
and eye-opening.” Shay Thomas, author of The Anti-Life Equation

“Ted Reese’s Abundant Material Wealth For All is a timely addition to
modern Marxian analysis, not only in its rigorous and detailed
application of scientific socialism to unique, 21st-century challenges,
but even more so in its 12-point programme that effectively lays out a
liberatory path for humanity.” Colin Jenkins,
Hampton Institute

“I will use this as a reference for a very long time.I know of no other socialist thinker who provides such a comprehensive look at where we are
and where we need to go.” Jim Keillor, author of Fallen Star

“A thought-provoking text — Reese puts forward a view of socialism
that’s as bold as it is inspiring. A principled takedown of binary,
vulgar socialism.” Jack, Auxiliary Statements podcast

“Ted Reese has offered something that is often missing from socialist
thought: a detailed plan for moving beyond capitalism. He makes a
compelling case that socialism is not just a pipe dream, but the only
answer to the mounting issues we face as a global population. A
stunning and inspirational tour de force.” Jared Clemons, Assistant
Professor of Political Science, Temple University, USA

“Reese has compiled an incredibly compelling case for why
accumulation for accumulation’s sake is failing on its own terms,
while failing our species, society and planet. What follows
from his analysis is not catastrophe or helplessness (the political currency of our current masters) but a forward-looking and practicable program
for self-emancipation of the working classes based on premises
already in existence. AMWFA will prove to be an incredible resource
for everyone dedicated to understanding our current mode of
production and a potent weapon for those committed to moving
beyond it.” Sean KB, host of The Antifada podcast




Ted Reese is author of The End of Capitalism: The Thought of Henryk Grossman; and Abundant Material Wealth For All