Abundance for all! — the 10-point political programme that can win the masses to socialism

International Workers Day, Cuba

Socialist political programmes need to both ‘raise consciousness’ and appeal to the needs and wants of the masses. Taking power and keeping it requires: winning over the majority of a given population, including the downwardly mobile lower middle class; winning over the majority of the rank and file in the armed forces; incentivising capitulation and splitting the right, especially small farmers and large land owners (in order to limit counter-revolutionary activity and alliances). Socialist parties therefore need to prioritise mass, universalist politics if they are to succeed.

Communism has always been destined to be a system of fully automated production capable of providing abundant material wealth for all, thereby transcending class antagonisms. History has shown that most people respond best to incentives that will improve their living standards.

The following example is based on Britain but is largely applicable elsewhere.


Ted Reese is a Marxist and author of: Socialism or Extinction; Humanising Production; and The Thought of Henryk Grossman (May 2022). linktr.ee/grossmanite